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“Where there is new blood, there is hope anew…”

Welcome creatures of the night! Castlevania: New Blood is a 4E D&D campaign based on the popular Castlevania franchise. New Blood is set in an alternate (Castlevania) reality 1890’s England where everything is more-or-less the same except a few differences…

Most of the historically written gothic horror pieces have not been written as horror really DOES tend to exist! Steampunk technology was once widely-used in years past until more “conventional” technology came to existence and now has it went underground. There are also rare and ancient artifacts that exist that have “mystical” properties to them. Lastly, although the Belmont name has been tied to hunting the undead, the Belmont lines seems to have been all but forgotten.

Now that the world is practically “modern”, unspoken horrors seem to be arising from tales spoken by the fires from people of ancient times. Is there a group of heroes that can protect society from these unspeakable horrors? Or will the darkness consume the world once and for all?

Castlevania: New Blood

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