Castlevania: New Blood

ACT I Chapter 5

Vivian faded into and out of consciousness as she overheard the two men who captured her discussing what they will do with the bounty money when they turn her in (Vivian has become wanted herself as she fits the description of the “Nightstalking Vampire Lady” that has been feeding on people in the slum areas of London [which actually has been Vivian feeding on people]). However, a commotion occurs and Vivian then finds herself waking up an a ruined abby with her mysterious rescuer gazing out of one of the widow-less views from the abby.

He introduces himself as Kaius Kelvorne and states he rescued her only because he thought Vivian was his maker at the time. He cautions Vivian to never travel alone since the MacLellon brothers (Argyle and Shamish, a dangerous duo) will be stalking her with the bounty she has on her head. Kaius also reveals to Vivian that she strongly resembles his maker, especially with the eyes. Oddly having not questioned her rescuer on any further details, Vivian departs for home with parting words from Kaius that if she wishes to find him again, to wait at the abby for him.

Vivian headed to Karl’s home and stayed there for the night and returned to her home the following morning while being escorted by Karl. Vivian also discovered a letter from her father indicating she needed to return home as the village is being attacked.

Vivian manages to get recruit Christopher and Fiancha’s help as she looks to return home. Christopher manages to convince Dr. Richtenstein to arrange the HMSS Harpy and her crew to take them to Romania (under the condition that Christopher treats the Harpy crew for dinner).

In the meanwhile Martin was assisting the administration to help overlook the rebuilding process of the insane asylum.

Upon returning to Vivian’s home village, they investigate her father’s home only to discover that it was empty. They book a room at the inn and have dinner but at that time, the village was attacked by undead minions! They managed to save the villagers and earn a free meal from the inn keeper for their heroic efforts but they were very tired and banged up and needed to rest. The next morning, Belmont and company ate their free meal and headed off to find the source of evil. Upon recalling memory, Karl remembered there was an ancient vampire lord’s tomb nearby but could not recall where it was. Expert tracker Fianchna soon picked up the trail from the undead minions that raided the village last night and backtracked their trail. The trail grew cold for a bit but Vivian helped find the track again and found the tomb of the Vampire Lord Magnus.

The fight into the tomb was long and dangerous, fighting unique categories zombies and skeletons and avoiding traps. Until they faced off Tal Lorvas which was a lich entity that possessed a shepherd from Vivian’s village. The fight was very close but the party managed to defeat Tal Lorvas only to discover that he was anticipating Vivian’s mother to attack, not them. It was also revealed that he recovered the Serpentis Idol and was going to use it against Vivian’s mother but at that time a loud crash sounded in one of the chambers of the tomb only to have the investigating party encounter Vivian’s mother (which did indeed resemble Vivian) holding the Serpentis idol. She smiled and stated to Vivian that she was did a good job and vanished into mist and escaped. Vivian and the party then returned to the large chamber where Tal’s emerald-ruby skull was at. Vivian attempted to smash the lich’s phylactery with little success however Karl performed a ritual that destoryed the lich’s spirit inside the skull. Karl also had a flood of memories return to him from one of his past lives working with Roman Belmont in defeating the Vampire Lord Magnus just prior to burning Vivian’s village down. Karl also decides to remain in the village a while longer to recover Magnus’ signet ring. Vivian decides to catch up on old times with her father while Fiachna and Christopher relax at the inn.

The missing villagers returned to the village as they were only in a magic daze but was released from it once Tal was destroyed.

This mid-series finale closes with Vivian talking with her father about her mother and other fond memories and fades out to a sketching of her father’s house on a yellowed book page. The book closes…ready to be picked up and read some more.

ACT I Chapter 4
"Dread Plague"

Zombie apocalypse art by peter mohrbacher 615x449

Vivian decides to capture her bounty James Faulkner once and for all. With the help of the other party memebers, they interrogate some of Faulkner’s crew and trace him to a warehouse only to encounter Inspector Malcome Albright and Scotland Yard already investigating the warehouse. The characters manage to convince Inspector Albright to help with the investigation and allows them to help investigate the warehouse.

Amongst the many items in the warehouse, the characters enounter an odd black crate that sends chills down anyone’s spines who come near it. Martin, ever the curious, decided to force open the crate only find nothing in the box other than receiving an eerie feeling.

Vivian and a few others manage to find clues to discover that James had another warehouse possibly full of his illegally obtained goods and decided to investigate. They managed to find James at the warehouse and capture him but not without a bit of a fight.

They managed to turn in James to Scotland Yard and received their bounty. All seemed well this time around for the party however that is until all hell broke loose as attacks started occurring! As some of the characters wwnt to their respective homes, they noticed people were attacking and eating each other. And as the characters may have defended themselves, they realized that their attackers they dropped kept getting back up and would not stay down! London seemed to have been infected with a zomblie plague that infected mostly the entire city! The characters managed to regroup at the warehouse however Vivian and Christopher were both infected from the injuries they received while trying to escape. Christopher was managing well however Vivian was suffering far worse. Karl managed to “cure” both Christopher and Vivian after narrowly escaping to the rooftop of the warehouse from the attacking zombies.

The characters then realized after awaking the next morning that London was devastated by this zombie outbreak! They managed to make their way to Dr. Richtenstein’s home only to find that his wife Heather and Dr. Richtenstein’s aide Ivan Steinborg were the only ones home, they managed to escape the soon overrun house and Heather and Ivan in tow and made their way to the museum.


Once the character’s made it to the museum, they managed to make their way to the top floor and discover a bastellus, a creature of nightmares, was lurking about. It attacked Belmont and company but they managed to defeat it. Upon defeating the bastellus, the characters realized they awoke on the warehouse floor with Scotland Yard inspectors looking on. The plauge attack was all a dream created by the bastellus! With its defeat, the crate disentegrated into dust. Disturbed by the event, Vivian abruptly left for home by herself. Fiancha then discovered there was a secret compartment under the dust of the crate. Apparently the clever James Faulkner was using this creature as a sentry to guard his treasure! In the compartment were some special items that the party retrieved. Meanwhile as Vivian was walking home, she was attacked from behind and knocked unconscious by a mysterious duo speaking in Scottish accents!


ACT I Chapter 3

Britain insane asylum

An astrology and space presentation was presented at the British Museum by a young Martin Lector and a party was held afterwards. There the characters not only meet Martin, but also a new beautiful face, a charming noblewoman named Wendy Hillard, which immediately catches the eye of all the eligible men in the room including Martin himself.

This courting competition is interrupted however as the museum was attacked by abherrent creatures! Most of the party attendees manage to flee safely with the help of Dr. Richtenstein, Lord Holbrook, and Quinn. Admist the chaos, the Serpentis Idol also goes missing once again.

Martin then decides to visit his friend Dr. Jack Mortimer at the mental asylum (after being invited by Dr. Mortimer via mail). However, Martin receive a strange feeling about this meeting after the recent encounter with the abhorrations and asks some of the other characters to accompany him.

The characters that did not accompany Martin and the rest were mysteriously drawn to the asylum however and encountered the rest of the group at the entrance only to find the asylum in shambles!

As the characters went further into the asylum, they witnessed horrors that they have never seen before with mutilated bodies strewn about the asylum with hooked chains. They were also beginning to suffer from paranoid delusions as well but some of the elements of these delusions appeared to have a twisted truths to them. These delusions eventually led to the party attacking each other but they managed to overcome these delusions to move forward.

As they approached Dr. Mortimer’s office, they entered into labyrinth-esque dimension with an open dark portal that was guarded by Belikul and other cenobite creatures allowing abhorrant creatures to enter the Earth from their dimension.


The fight was looking very grim for the characters and when Martin fell, the entity that he worships entered him and consumed Belikul and the cenobites and destroyed the gate as well. The entity left Martin’s body however and he was miraculously brought back to life however coming into contact with his worshipped diety came with a price, Martin became partially abherrant himself. The asylum was also in shambles as well.

Although things (mostly) returned to normal after the battle, the characters were mostly aware of each other’s natures which seemed to make them uneasy towards each other. Will they be able to overcome their differences?

ACT 1 Chapter 2
"The Book of the Dead"

Trouble brews in Egypt! Dr. Oliver Smith, a friend of Dr. Manfred von Richtenstein (Curator of the British Museum and Christopher Belmont’s boss [and friend]), has gone missing! But before he went missing, he sent a letter to Dr. Richtenstein indicating he found something. Dr. Richtenstein requests Christopher to go to Egypt to help him find his friend to which he agrees to do so.

A colleague of Dr. Smith’s, Father Johnathan Welles, also sends for help to the Church of England and church dispatches the mischevious Karl to investigate.

Meanwhile at a tavern, Vivian Belvedere overhears that her bounty, James Faulkner, is going to Egypt as well due to being promised riches from some of his contacts there.

Fianchna also comes along to Egypt after having a strange dream and the party is also accompanied by bored Quinn Tucker III, a Texan cowboy which is currently visiting his friend, Lord Holbrook here in England.

Dr. Richtenstein then books flight to Egypt utlizing the HMSS Harpy and her crew of all wily females.

Landing in Cairo, the group manages to find clues that leads the party to midst of the Sahara Desert only to be attacked by Medjai Warriors! The party manages to fend off the warriors as they finish their trek through the desert to find Hamnunaptra. There they find more clues and meet Father Welles only to be attacked by the Minions of Anubis, a mysterious cult seeking to raise an army of undead.

After dispatching the Minions of Anubis, the party manages to make an alliance with the Medjai and traces the cult to the Temple of Rameses II. There at the temple, the party manages to break their way in (thanks to the help of the Medjai) and find the cult’s leader “Badru” (which was corrupted into a wight by the Book of the Dead) and a ghoulified Dr. Smith which also was turned undead thanks to a ritual from the book.

The party manages to defeat the cultists but tragically, Dr. Smith was unable to be recovered. The Book of the Dead and the newfound Book of Living were returned to the Medjai for safe keeping.

Upon returning to London, things returned to normal and it was later discovered that James Faulkner helped the cultists discover the Book of the Dead and was promised a reward only to be betrayed by “Badru” and his cultists; James returned empty handed however he did manage to elude Vivian once again.

ACT I Chapter I
"The Serpentis Idol"

A party, courtesy of Lord Geoffery Holbrook, is being held at the British Museum for his return from the South Americas after recovering an artifact known as the Serpentis Idol.

Wild ranger and tracker Fianchna is sent from Ireland to London by her tribe to recover this dangerous idol from falling into the wrong hands

The PC’s meet each other at this lavish party only to have it disrupted by snake cultists! They flee below the city via the sewers only to be tracked by Belmont and party with a mission to recover the idol sanctioned by Lord Holbrook.

The track runs cold as they were intercepted by some cultist memebers intent on slowing down Belmont and company.

Feeling that his destiny was at hand, Artificer Karl Wenham ordains Christopher Belmont the “alchemy whip” through a ceremony at his church, the whip is a weapon long used by the Belmont bloodlines to slay the supernatural. The ceremony was crashed by snake cultists however in hopes to cease the continuation of the Belmont legacy only to be have their hopes dashed away as they were defeated.

After searching the sewer systems again, the heroes managed to find an underground necropolis and interrupted a summoning ritual that the cultists were preforming.

The heroes managed to defeat cult leader “SSyruss” and his minions and recover the idol and return it to the museum.

"The Beginning"

In Romania, 1460, a Romanian warrior slays the last Turkish foe on the battlefield. On his tired, blood-caked face, contains eyes of sorrow as if he lost something in his life.

The Romanian Army marches on to prepare for another battle with the Turkish Horde. One night at the camp however, the weary warrior sneaks off of the campsite with a horse and rides off. He rides for many days until he reaches a small cottage with a beautiful woman that greets him with a look of disbelief and tears in her eyes. She then rushes towards him and they embrace as if he returned back from the dead.

You get a sense that time has passed and they appear happy in their home with a fire blazing and the two snuggled closely to each other on a bearskin rug. They exchange loving words of never being separate again. At that time, Romanian soldiers burst in the cottage and seizes them accusing the male lover of desertion and treason and beat on him forcing his female lover to watch on.

The soldiers then dragged the two lovers out of the cottage and tied the man up with rope. Then they force the man to watch his beloved get raped by all of the soldiers as he struggled helplessly while crying her name, “Gabriella”. When the soldiers had their way with the woman, they slit her throat and proceeded to further violate her body which enraged the helpless man. The soldiers then began crucifying the now-struggling man to a nearby dead tree. The man howls in rage as the soldiers leave him for dead with the only sight they left for him is the burning cottage and his dead lover’s corpse lying nearby the hellish inferno.

Some time passes and the man is still alive, but very weak and dehydrated. The soldiers return and begin to tie a rope around his neck. Before they began hanging the man, he swore to the devil that he would return and destroy all of the followers of the “false god” and vowed that he would find his beloved once again and that they would live together in “un-life” forever. END

Opening Act Title: A Book opens and pages of time flip from 1460 to the current time in 1895 with the character cast playing (in alphabetical order).


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