Dr. Jack Mortimer (deceased)

British Mental Asylum Doctor


Non-heroic character (minor NPC)


He was somewhat of a mentor of Martin Lector’s in the growing field of psychology. He eventually took notice of Martin’s “hobby” of studying the stars and the secrets of the “other realm”. Once Martin departed for his own independent studies, Dr. Mortimer took it upon himself to start his studies of the “other realm” as well but took a quicker and more wreckless path.

Dr. Mortimer eventually discovered the Star Orb, which is a key to open a gateway to the “other realm”, and set loose several dangerous abhorreal creatures calling themselves cenobites. Dr. Mortimer hoped to gain knowledge from these creatures only to be transformed into a cenobite minion himself known as the “Surgeon”. As the saying goes, be careful in what you wish for.

Martin did return to the insane asylum with his newfound allies and eventually released Dr. Mortimer by granting him his death.

Dr. Jack Mortimer (deceased)

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