Castlevania: New Blood


"The Beginning"

In Romania, 1460, a Romanian warrior slays the last Turkish foe on the battlefield. On his tired, blood-caked face, contains eyes of sorrow as if he lost something in his life.

The Romanian Army marches on to prepare for another battle with the Turkish Horde. One night at the camp however, the weary warrior sneaks off of the campsite with a horse and rides off. He rides for many days until he reaches a small cottage with a beautiful woman that greets him with a look of disbelief and tears in her eyes. She then rushes towards him and they embrace as if he returned back from the dead.

You get a sense that time has passed and they appear happy in their home with a fire blazing and the two snuggled closely to each other on a bearskin rug. They exchange loving words of never being separate again. At that time, Romanian soldiers burst in the cottage and seizes them accusing the male lover of desertion and treason and beat on him forcing his female lover to watch on.

The soldiers then dragged the two lovers out of the cottage and tied the man up with rope. Then they force the man to watch his beloved get raped by all of the soldiers as he struggled helplessly while crying her name, “Gabriella”. When the soldiers had their way with the woman, they slit her throat and proceeded to further violate her body which enraged the helpless man. The soldiers then began crucifying the now-struggling man to a nearby dead tree. The man howls in rage as the soldiers leave him for dead with the only sight they left for him is the burning cottage and his dead lover’s corpse lying nearby the hellish inferno.

Some time passes and the man is still alive, but very weak and dehydrated. The soldiers return and begin to tie a rope around his neck. Before they began hanging the man, he swore to the devil that he would return and destroy all of the followers of the “false god” and vowed that he would find his beloved once again and that they would live together in “un-life” forever. END

Opening Act Title: A Book opens and pages of time flip from 1460 to the current time in 1895 with the character cast playing (in alphabetical order).


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