Castlevania: New Blood

ACT I Chapter 4

"Dread Plague"

Zombie apocalypse art by peter mohrbacher 615x449

Vivian decides to capture her bounty James Faulkner once and for all. With the help of the other party memebers, they interrogate some of Faulkner’s crew and trace him to a warehouse only to encounter Inspector Malcome Albright and Scotland Yard already investigating the warehouse. The characters manage to convince Inspector Albright to help with the investigation and allows them to help investigate the warehouse.

Amongst the many items in the warehouse, the characters enounter an odd black crate that sends chills down anyone’s spines who come near it. Martin, ever the curious, decided to force open the crate only find nothing in the box other than receiving an eerie feeling.

Vivian and a few others manage to find clues to discover that James had another warehouse possibly full of his illegally obtained goods and decided to investigate. They managed to find James at the warehouse and capture him but not without a bit of a fight.

They managed to turn in James to Scotland Yard and received their bounty. All seemed well this time around for the party however that is until all hell broke loose as attacks started occurring! As some of the characters wwnt to their respective homes, they noticed people were attacking and eating each other. And as the characters may have defended themselves, they realized that their attackers they dropped kept getting back up and would not stay down! London seemed to have been infected with a zomblie plague that infected mostly the entire city! The characters managed to regroup at the warehouse however Vivian and Christopher were both infected from the injuries they received while trying to escape. Christopher was managing well however Vivian was suffering far worse. Karl managed to “cure” both Christopher and Vivian after narrowly escaping to the rooftop of the warehouse from the attacking zombies.

The characters then realized after awaking the next morning that London was devastated by this zombie outbreak! They managed to make their way to Dr. Richtenstein’s home only to find that his wife Heather and Dr. Richtenstein’s aide Ivan Steinborg were the only ones home, they managed to escape the soon overrun house and Heather and Ivan in tow and made their way to the museum.


Once the character’s made it to the museum, they managed to make their way to the top floor and discover a bastellus, a creature of nightmares, was lurking about. It attacked Belmont and company but they managed to defeat it. Upon defeating the bastellus, the characters realized they awoke on the warehouse floor with Scotland Yard inspectors looking on. The plauge attack was all a dream created by the bastellus! With its defeat, the crate disentegrated into dust. Disturbed by the event, Vivian abruptly left for home by herself. Fiancha then discovered there was a secret compartment under the dust of the crate. Apparently the clever James Faulkner was using this creature as a sentry to guard his treasure! In the compartment were some special items that the party retrieved. Meanwhile as Vivian was walking home, she was attacked from behind and knocked unconscious by a mysterious duo speaking in Scottish accents!



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