Castlevania: New Blood

ACT I Chapter 3


Britain insane asylum

An astrology and space presentation was presented at the British Museum by a young Martin Lector and a party was held afterwards. There the characters not only meet Martin, but also a new beautiful face, a charming noblewoman named Wendy Hillard, which immediately catches the eye of all the eligible men in the room including Martin himself.

This courting competition is interrupted however as the museum was attacked by abherrent creatures! Most of the party attendees manage to flee safely with the help of Dr. Richtenstein, Lord Holbrook, and Quinn. Admist the chaos, the Serpentis Idol also goes missing once again.

Martin then decides to visit his friend Dr. Jack Mortimer at the mental asylum (after being invited by Dr. Mortimer via mail). However, Martin receive a strange feeling about this meeting after the recent encounter with the abhorrations and asks some of the other characters to accompany him.

The characters that did not accompany Martin and the rest were mysteriously drawn to the asylum however and encountered the rest of the group at the entrance only to find the asylum in shambles!

As the characters went further into the asylum, they witnessed horrors that they have never seen before with mutilated bodies strewn about the asylum with hooked chains. They were also beginning to suffer from paranoid delusions as well but some of the elements of these delusions appeared to have a twisted truths to them. These delusions eventually led to the party attacking each other but they managed to overcome these delusions to move forward.

As they approached Dr. Mortimer’s office, they entered into labyrinth-esque dimension with an open dark portal that was guarded by Belikul and other cenobite creatures allowing abhorrant creatures to enter the Earth from their dimension.


The fight was looking very grim for the characters and when Martin fell, the entity that he worships entered him and consumed Belikul and the cenobites and destroyed the gate as well. The entity left Martin’s body however and he was miraculously brought back to life however coming into contact with his worshipped diety came with a price, Martin became partially abherrant himself. The asylum was also in shambles as well.

Although things (mostly) returned to normal after the battle, the characters were mostly aware of each other’s natures which seemed to make them uneasy towards each other. Will they be able to overcome their differences?


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