Castlevania: New Blood

ACT 1 Chapter 2

"The Book of the Dead"

Trouble brews in Egypt! Dr. Oliver Smith, a friend of Dr. Manfred von Richtenstein (Curator of the British Museum and Christopher Belmont’s boss [and friend]), has gone missing! But before he went missing, he sent a letter to Dr. Richtenstein indicating he found something. Dr. Richtenstein requests Christopher to go to Egypt to help him find his friend to which he agrees to do so.

A colleague of Dr. Smith’s, Father Johnathan Welles, also sends for help to the Church of England and church dispatches the mischevious Karl to investigate.

Meanwhile at a tavern, Vivian Belvedere overhears that her bounty, James Faulkner, is going to Egypt as well due to being promised riches from some of his contacts there.

Fianchna also comes along to Egypt after having a strange dream and the party is also accompanied by bored Quinn Tucker III, a Texan cowboy which is currently visiting his friend, Lord Holbrook here in England.

Dr. Richtenstein then books flight to Egypt utlizing the HMSS Harpy and her crew of all wily females.

Landing in Cairo, the group manages to find clues that leads the party to midst of the Sahara Desert only to be attacked by Medjai Warriors! The party manages to fend off the warriors as they finish their trek through the desert to find Hamnunaptra. There they find more clues and meet Father Welles only to be attacked by the Minions of Anubis, a mysterious cult seeking to raise an army of undead.

After dispatching the Minions of Anubis, the party manages to make an alliance with the Medjai and traces the cult to the Temple of Rameses II. There at the temple, the party manages to break their way in (thanks to the help of the Medjai) and find the cult’s leader “Badru” (which was corrupted into a wight by the Book of the Dead) and a ghoulified Dr. Smith which also was turned undead thanks to a ritual from the book.

The party manages to defeat the cultists but tragically, Dr. Smith was unable to be recovered. The Book of the Dead and the newfound Book of Living were returned to the Medjai for safe keeping.

Upon returning to London, things returned to normal and it was later discovered that James Faulkner helped the cultists discover the Book of the Dead and was promised a reward only to be betrayed by “Badru” and his cultists; James returned empty handed however he did manage to elude Vivian once again.


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