Castlevania: New Blood

ACT I Chapter I

"The Serpentis Idol"

A party, courtesy of Lord Geoffery Holbrook, is being held at the British Museum for his return from the South Americas after recovering an artifact known as the Serpentis Idol.

Wild ranger and tracker Fianchna is sent from Ireland to London by her tribe to recover this dangerous idol from falling into the wrong hands

The PC’s meet each other at this lavish party only to have it disrupted by snake cultists! They flee below the city via the sewers only to be tracked by Belmont and party with a mission to recover the idol sanctioned by Lord Holbrook.

The track runs cold as they were intercepted by some cultist memebers intent on slowing down Belmont and company.

Feeling that his destiny was at hand, Artificer Karl Wenham ordains Christopher Belmont the “alchemy whip” through a ceremony at his church, the whip is a weapon long used by the Belmont bloodlines to slay the supernatural. The ceremony was crashed by snake cultists however in hopes to cease the continuation of the Belmont legacy only to be have their hopes dashed away as they were defeated.

After searching the sewer systems again, the heroes managed to find an underground necropolis and interrupted a summoning ritual that the cultists were preforming.

The heroes managed to defeat cult leader “SSyruss” and his minions and recover the idol and return it to the museum.


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